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New Apple Islate commercial ? www.facebook.com www.creasenso.fr

Posted 30th Mar 2010, at 11:02 pm
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ipad touch apps free

25 Responses to “New apple islate ?”

  1. avatar jgisthebest13 says:

    wtf is it spoz 2 be lol ima noob

  2. avatar aniyahchittestertf says:

    To get an ipad for free before they run out go to 10 i p a d (dot) c o m

    Just enter in your zip code.

  3. avatar 2000jago says:

    “islate” – lol…

  4. avatar georgehwbush says:

    That’s pretty clever :)

  5. avatar marblewonder says:

    haha now we know it’s fake for sure but apple should actually take a look at this and consider using the concept

  6. avatar MrFmrak says:

    The song was composed for this movie.

  7. avatar manupf1 says:

    Do you have the name of the song ?

  8. avatar elwido says:

    When Will THE cobverence end?

  9. avatar jadben says:

    Nice one :) But of course it’s fake …

  10. avatar TimeToMakeMusic says:

    There’s a 99% chance that this commercial is FAKE. Why? Because it’s not white, Apple is all about have white backgrounds 😛

  11. avatar nobody0045 says:

    i think it’s a fake…
    but we will see

  12. avatar nidruog says:

    bon travail simple clair précis

  13. avatar LittleCutieEvilThing says:

    LOOOOL!!! so fun to be a finger

  14. avatar JoyHYPE says:


  15. avatar vclebs says:

    iSlave ?
    The ad is very nice ! I think it’s just a buzz for the maker

  16. avatar kollomollo says:

    Why is the new Apple late? *lol*

  17. avatar ichirootaniguchi says:

    i would so laugh at you if its real lol

  18. avatar jorgeselk says:

    in myspace looking for : jorgeselk

  19. avatar roucoupse says:

    loll c’est très fort

  20. avatar haukesa says:

    Awesome vid and song! :)
    But it’s fake.

  21. avatar promensah05 says:

    Nice vid.

  22. avatar charlotflame says:


  23. avatar popamovie says:

    ofcourse its fake, the islate hasnt even been announced yet.

    brilliant video loved it, a work of genius imo

  24. avatar force92i says:

    Lol Gg Sa 😀 !

  25. avatar lemebfr says:

    What a cool video !

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